Leadership Lab: 5 Session Manager Training Program 


Leadership Lab is a 5 Series Manager Session Most effective when done in cohorts of 20. Prior to the session each manager completes a 180 Review with their team and personally sits down with me to review the report and identify areas of focus for the duration of the workshop. 


Length: 5 Four hour sessions spaced out every 3 weeks. 


Topics Covered: 


Session 1: Showing Up + Building Trust & Psychological Safety

This session covers basic expectations of what it means to “show up” as a manager for your team and make people management a priority. Showing up means being there for manager events, trainings, workshops, team meetings, 1:1s, and whenever your team needs you. Our first mission as managers is making sure that we’re doing everything we can to empower, engage, motivate, and coach our teams. 


We also dive into the behaviors of high trust leaders, and talk about how to foster psychological safety on your team leveraging Google’s tenants of psych safety including engagement, transparency, inclusivity, collaboration in decision-making, and the demonstration of confidence and conviction without the appearance of inflexibility. 


Session 2: Vision Setting and Effective Delegation


This session covers the fundamentals of vision setting and delegation leveraging  Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model. Vision setting involves communicating clearly and effectively to the larger business, sharing team results, and updates. As managers, how do we cultivate an atmosphere of transparency by providing relevant information and insights? When we set goals, how do we deliver on those goals, and/or pivoting when things aren’t working? 


This workshop coaches managers to be effective delegators and cultivate the appropriate level of autonomy based on an individual’s role and work style. Recognizing that each person communicates and works differently, managers learn to adapt their style to set each person up to succeed, have the broadest impact and achieve their full potential. 


Session 3: Growth 


In this workshop, we discuss the role of a manager in growing talent. Starting from day one, how can we ensure that new hires have all the knowledge and background they need to hit the ground running, and feel like a strong part of the team from the get-go? What do weekly investments in 1:1s to set clear expectations, listen, provide impactful feedback, growth opportunities and to cultivate trust and autonomy look like? Not every conversation is easy, so how can we approach these tougher conversations with empathy and thoughtfulness and hold the best interests of our team in mind? 


Session 4: Effective Recruiting


Ultimately, managers serve as the recruiting machine. In this workshop, we talk about everything this well oiled machine needs to succeed. We discuss different types of roles, interviewing techniques, as well as how to make timely hiring decisions. We talk about all the legal aspects of recruiting as well as how to mitigate bias in the interview process so that each individual has a fair and equitable experience. 


Session 5: Authentic Leadership + Leadership Life Stories


In this final session of leadership lab, we explore everything we talked about in the lens of our own leadership life stories. We reflect on critical moments in our lives, or our crucibles, that shaped us as the leaders that we are today. We celebrate the individuality in the leaders we have grown to be through a closing exercise, and additionally brainstorm ways we can continue to lean on each other as a management team.